How to fetch a page's owner with V2 of the Confluence Cloud REST API

Hi. I’ve been building a Forge app that used a page’s owner as part of it. Up to now, I’ve been using the REST API to capture this with expansion: /rest/api/content/${contentId}?expand=history.ownedBy,version

I can’t see a way to get the same information in V2 of the REST API. And the V1 endpoint is deprecated and soon will be unavailable. Is there another option I can’t see? Thanks for any pointers.

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Hi @AaronCollier

Atlassian has said that they’re no longer monitoring this forum for REST API v.2 gaps and that you should file a bug to get the item added to the queue using the following procedure: RFC-19: Deprecation of Confluence Cloud REST API v1 Endpoints - #25 by AshishShirode


Thanks for the note!

It seems there’s an issue for this already: CONFCLOUD-76760

Hi @AaronCollier, the ticket was updated! You should be able to see page owner related fields now.


Hi @SelenaSui ,
If I understand the deprecation process correctly, de older v1 API will be removed in 6 months from now? This is at least what I understand from @tpettersen , but I would like confirmation from the v2 API team.

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Hi @marc I’ve reached out to the V2 API team - they noted they would follow up on this topic as soon as possible!

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Hi @SelenaSui - it’s been two weeks…are there any updates from the V2 API team that can be shared?


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With the update provided in Confluence REST API v2: Update to v1 Deprecation Timeline, I’m going to ask the community to focus on that topic so that we’re all operating on the latest update. Since so much of the community concerns were based on timing, I’m going to close this thread.

Please understand that closure is not an assertion that all questions or problems were addressed. My main concern is that we don’t fragment feedback in too many places, and that it gets to the right people. If there are outstanding questions please ask on the new topic. Or submit a v1-vs-v2 gap to developers support.

Circling back on page owner in the Confluence v2 REST API: