How to fetch data from JIRA like issue details and display it on new web pages?


I have created one web application where I want to display JIRA reports, some issue details etc…

So can I start implementation for this? I’m totally new to the RestAPI.

Please provide me guidance here.

So you might to start reading up on authenticating and getting results from the Jira REST API. The best place to start is getting Postman or cURL and try to get a list of issues / projects from your instance. In order to help you get started with the right endpoints, can you please specify if you are working with Jira Cloud or Server?

Hi @remie,

Thanks for responding.

We have JIRA and JIRA sd server instances.

Alright, so here are the resources you would want to start with:

The first call I would start with is ServerInfo, as this should return data without authentication. The second step is to get authenticated and retrieve the current session using CurrentUser.

Once you have results from these two endpoints, you should be able to proceed with retrieving the data your are looking for.

I want to discuss this stuff on call, Are you available on Monday?

Euhm, yeah, but perhaps it is good to provide some context here: this is the developer community forum, which is mainly populated by Atlassian Marketplace vendors and app developers in addition to Atlassian developer support staff.

Most of us provide answers / solutions as part of a sense of… community: we help each other succeed in the Atlassian Marketplace and/or as app developer. That is something that is done voluntarily.

If you wish to receive the type of support that involves calls / step by step guidance, this is still possible, but it exceeds the realm of this community forum and goes into a more solution partner relationship. So although I would not mind helping you, I think it is important to stress that when we are going to move this from community posts to a call, the relationship changes and my time will not be available for free.