How to find all columns in project

Hello community!

I am totally new to Jira, I am trying to develop a plugin for some reports. In order to do this I need to know the columns of the project(I mean TO DO-IN DEVELOPMENT-DONE columns, and there can be other columns depending on the project configuration) and I don’t know how to obtain them. Please, can you explain me how can I do it? I know something about JQL and JqlQueryBuilder/JqlClauseBuilder but I can use it just to obtain issues, not information about the project/board.

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Hi @IonutBularca, This should help you get started.

Hi @mikeroyal, thank you very much for your answer, I know how to configure my board and columns, but my problem is in the Java code, in the plugin I am trying to develop I need information about the issues and about the board(I need to know what columns does the selected project has) and I don’t know how to gather this information from the database.

 JqlQueryBuilder queryBuilder = JqlQueryBuilder.newBuilder();
 Query query = queryBuilder.where().createdBetween(startDate, endDate).and().project(projectId).buildQuery();
 return searchProvider.searchCount(user,query);

This is the way I am gathering the number of issues created between two dates, but this class does help me only with the issues, not with the columns. I would really like to find a way to create a query that will give me data about the columns(of a given project). Another question would be how can I use the SearchProvider class to obtain a list of issues, there is a method named “search”, but one of the parameters is a PagerFilter and I don’t understand what should it be, something like a collector?

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To be more explicit I need a way to gather a list of columns according to a given project name.