How to find Bastion instance public address?

we are trying to import a dataset as described here

However, in the guide it states:

On the Description tab, do the following:

  • Copy the Public IP of the Bastion instance.

We will need the Bastian host address for the following configuration which is needed for the dataset import:

ssh-add path_to_your_private_key_pem
export BASTION_IP=bastion_instance_public_ip
export NODE_IP=node_private_ip
export SSH_OPTS1='-o ServerAliveInterval=60'

We are checking in EC2 instances and there is no Bastian instance. It seems that it is created when we deployed to new ASI.
Could you tell us where we can find the Bastian host as we want to track its public address?

Best regards


Hi @kwsthsv

please check your EC2 Instances


Hi @adam.labus Thank you for your quick response. We were checking EC2 instances, but only the jira node instance was created. The Bastion one was missing.
We are not sure why it was missing.

We created a new ASI and now we are able to access it.