How to find license id in forge app

Hi community,

could you please help me where can I obtain license id in atlassian forge custom ui app?

Atlassian connect has endpoint for licensing info that will return the entitlementId.

But I haven’t find anything similar for forge app and the JS context seems to contain just license active/inactive flag, nothing more. Do you have any idea where to get the license id in production app installed from marketplace? Just to log it now for analytics.

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You find some more information in the product context

Maybe the LicenseContext object contains additional (undocumented) information and not just isActive.

You could inspect using
JSON.stringify(context.license), but keep in mind that license in null in development environment, so you need to test this in a production instance. Always wanted to test this but I am in early stage with my Forge app.

I though that as well and I’ve already deployed an update with simple console.log. But then I was surprised that the license part of the context is empty for new installation. Applyig 100% promo code didn’t help. I hope it’s just because of evaluation/trial period and the license will be there afterwards with more then just the active flag, but will have to wait for.


A trial license should give isActive = true.

Have you enabled licensing in the manifest?