How to find out the host name of my forge application

Hi there, I am developing a web trigger forge application that will (hopefully) send data to a Microsoft Sharepoint instance. I am in the midst of trying to register my application with a Sharepoint instance and it asks me for the following :

  • Add-in Domain . The host name of the remote component of the SharePoint Add-in. If the remote application isn’t using port 443, the add-in domain must also include the port number. The add-in domain must match the URL bindings you use for your web application. Do not include protocol (“https:”) or “/” characters in this value. If your web application host is using a DNS CNAME alias, use the alias. Some examples:

How can I figure out what domain my application is being hosted at?

If anyone wants the full link to the instructions I am following to register my app with Sharepoint, they can be found at :

Hi @hasankibriawj

The web trigger URL for your app is generated to be unique for each installation of your app.

After you install your app, you can use the forge webtrigger command in the CLI to discover the URL for your web trigger module.

All web trigger URLs should be subdomains of *

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Joe!