How to find the released date of a release version using Jira API / Jira Python

Hi Team,

I am looking for released date of the release version using Jira API / Jira Python

I am able to get the change log / history for each issue using Jira Issue API like below

Jira - Issue API :

“expand”: “renderedFields,names,schema,operations,editmeta,changelog,versionedRepresentations”,
“id”: “387759”,

“changelog” : {…}


But I am not getting the change log / history in the JIRA version API, rather I am getting the last change released version in UI like below which is not useful

Is there a way to get the changelog / history for the version (so that I will be able to get the ‘releaseDate’ changed from ‘Unreleased’ to ‘Released’ state)

Jira Version API :

“self”: “https://{JIRA_BASE_URL}/rest/api/2/version/11400”,
“id”: “11400”,
“description”: “Test Release”,
“name”: “Test Version 1.0.0”,
“archived”: false,
“released”: true,
“startDate”: “2020-03-24”,
“releaseDate”: “2020-04-14”,
“userStartDate”: “24.03.2020”,
“userReleaseDate”: “14.04.2020”,
“projectId”: 11800

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @Pravee95!

With the assumption that you are working with Jira Cloud and you are looking for the release date of every version of a project, you can try Get project versions or Get project versions paginated REST APIs. Either of these will return the project versions and corresponding release dates.

Hope this helps.