How to fix permission deprecation warning on "forge lint"


When running forge deploy, tunnel, lint it warns:

134:6   warning  There are deprecated scopes 'scopes' in the manifest.yml file: 'write:jira-work, read:jira-work, manage:jira-configuration, manage:jira-project, read:jira-user'. You need to update this app to use new scopes and remove the deprecated scopes. Learn more at:  valid-permissions-required

⚠ 1 issue (0 errors, 1 warning)
  Issue found is not automatically fixable with forge lint.

Couldn’t find what is the new permissions names are. How to fix the problem?



Yeah, that warning isn’t very helpful.

As a workaround, you can install the previous version of the Forge CLI with npm i -g @forge/cli@2.0.6 and run forge lint. Then the CLI will tell you which scopes you need to add. Running forge lint --fix will update your manifest automatically with the new scopes.

I found an easier solution: Remove the scopes section from your manifest and run forge lint --fix with the latest version of the CLI. Then it should add all necessary scopes.

You can find details about the new scopes here (they are linked on this page): List of Jira scopes, List of Confluence scopes


Hi @klaussner ,

Upgraded to latest 2.0.7 and run forge lint --fix.
And it still generated same list of permissions.

in warning it says: 1 issue found is not automatically fixable with forge lint.

So it will need do manually, is there has some map of permissions: old → new?


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You are right, it looks like the scopes aren’t working correctly yet. I have to add scopes to my app that are both required and deprecated. :upside_down_face: The only way I got my app working again was by adding new scopes through trial and error and keeping some of the deprecated ones.

Thanks for response. Will do it manually, hope this problem will be fixed soon.

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Hi all,

There was a problem earlier today that was causing this and it has been fixed now.

If forge lint is still failing, it might be required to force a cache refresh. Please see this comment on the related thread for details.

For context, please also see this comment which provides more details about what happened and what’s happening with the new scopes.