How to fix quick-add button on issue header bar


Accordingly to documentation ( there is an option to add quick-add button directly to issue header bar.

But I can’t find a way to do it via API. Could you please suggest?

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From the documentation page you linked:

The Issue Content module lets you define a quick-add button, which then enables users to add content or media from your app that helps describe a Jira issue.

There is no REST API to dynamically add these buttons after your App has been installed. Instead, you have to declare the button in your App Descriptor and it will show up after you reinstall your app with the new descriptor changes. I recommend that you look at the Issue Content module documentation.

Does that help?


Hey @nnmatveev – thanks for the feedback.

At the moment as part of the alpha release marketplace apps will only be available from within the ••• menu.

In the future we’ll be delivering functionality that will automatically promote frequently used apps to the top-level alongside attachments, subtasks and linked issues.

The docs describe this planned functionality:

If your app’s quick-add button is used frequently by a user, Jira will optimize its position by showing it alongside the standard quick-add buttons for adding attachments, subtasks, and linked issues. If the quick-add button for an app isn’t frequently used, it’s shown in an overflow menu (•••) next to the other quick-add buttons.

We’ve seen from our research that different roles and personas interact with different marketplace apps on the issue. For example, a designer may be interested in adding diagrams or prototypes to an issue via an app, whereas an engineer may be interested in adding test cases via an app. We’ve also heard that the number of panels displayed by default on the issue view is one of the barriers to customers purchasing multiple marketplace apps – as they don’t want to clutter the issue view with panels that are only useful to a specific role or persona.

This feature is part of the work to address this feedback and improve the experience for our users and marketplace vendors.

I hope this helps!



Got it. Thanks for the response!

I saw that section but didn’t recognize that it is not available yet. Looking forward to the updates.

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