How to get a field's history, rendered

Hello devs; I was wondering if there is a way to get historical versions of a field, rendered to HTML?

I’ve been trying and have hit a few roadblocks:

  • The get changelogs API returns changelogs in wiki format. So far I have not found a way to render wiki to HTML.
  • The get issue API with either or both the versionedRepresentations and renderedFields expands does not return multiple versions. I can get the latest version rendered using renderedFields, but these expands are returning any historical versions.

I’m only working with issue descriptions at the moment but would like to view historical versions of other fields too.


Hello @aprechtl

I don’t think it’s possible. The changelogs have always been returned in wiki markup format. You’ll probably need to use an external tool or library to convert the wiki → HTML in your code.

There is feature request JRACLOUD-78652 asking for the changelogs to be returned in ADF. Add your vote and comment on also having HTML (rendered) format returned as well.

Also, refer to JRACLOUD-77436 for the on-going quest for a native method method for converting between ADF, wiki and HTML.

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Hi; thanks for your response! I’ve voted for feature requests. In the meantime, I’m going to look into using a library to do the conversion. Seems like the wiki format is a bit non-standard, but I might be able to extend an existing library.