How to get all filter?

I want to get all filter , something like this
How can I do that?
Thank you

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There’s an API for that.

Thank you, @david.pinn
That API for Jira Cloud REST API.
But I am finding the solution for Jira Server. Do you know any way for Jira Server?


I don’t believe there’s an API for that yet. You may want to vote on “Allow retrieval of all saved filters using REST api”.

Also, have a read of “Get list of filters via REST API”.

I voted for that ticket. If we don’t use the REST API, how about the java class?

That should be SearchRequestService and SearchRequestManager respectively.

Filters were known as Search Requests originally. In a similar vein, Dashboards used to be called Portal Pages.


Thank you, @sfbehnke.
This is the solution I am looking for