How to get available issue types with OAuth2

I’m trying to retrieve a list of available issue types so I can populate a menu for someone to choose an issue type when creating a new issue. I’m making the REST API call /rest/api/3/issueType/ to get a list of available issue types. But I get an error message saying that OAuth 2.0 is not available for that API call.

Is there any API call to get either the available issue types or the default issue type that supports OAuth 2? If so, what is the call? The REST API won’t let me create an issue without supplying an issue type.


That endpoint works for me using an OAuth2 Bearer Token. Can you share more about the full request you are making? That error message is typical when you use a basic or JWT auth URL with an OAuth Bearer Token. For example, my request was made using GET

I see the mistake I made. I made a capitalization error in the URL, using issueType instead of issuetype. The error message about OAuth 2.0 not being available went away.

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