How to get confluence space permissions from API

Is anyone knows how can i retrieve space permissions using REST APIs?


I came across the same question. Did you find a solution?
All I found was that Confluence CLI should have this option. But time to get the Add-On has passed.

Hello @ThomasD

If you do a Google search of 'confluence server rest api space permissions’ you’ll see how many times that question has been asked and you’ll find the answer… Confluence Server never had REST API endpoints for managing space permissions.

That Google search will also find the matching feature request CONFSERVER-44329. Feel free to add your voice and vote there.

IMHO, migrating to Confluence Cloud is the ‘solution’

Hi Guys,

before you change the platform, you can always try to search for something in the Atlassian Marketplace, there are apps that add such REST APIs


Link to AM:


Hello @adam.labus

I’m fairly sure the availability of it.Lab’s Extender for Confluence for Confluence SERVER ended some time ago. It says this on their Marketplace product page:

As we continue to move towards a cloud future together, new server app sales and installs are no longer available for customers. You can update app version via Atlassian Marketplace until the end of support for server on Feb 15, 2024.

This would match with what @ThomasD said: “But time to get the Add-On has passed.”

Hi @sunnyape

yes and no :upside_down_face:, various Vendors still support server versions of their add-ons which can be downloaded directly from their site, check out this link


Well, @adam.labus when one of your company’s pages says “You can’t get this from us any more” but another of your company’s pages says “You can still get this from us”, that’s the quintessential definition of a contradiction that’s going to confuse people.

It might be a good idea to arrange for your Marketplace page to be updated make it clear whether it is Yes or No for Server. It’s clear for Data Center.

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@sunnyape believe me, I wish I could do that :expressionless:

Unfortunately, I have no influence on the message displayed on the website*.
This is an Atlassian Marketplace hosted by Atlassian and the only thing I can do is add an additional description, but the main information with an exclamation mark will still give a contradictory picture of the situation even though the Vendor itself can provide such possibilities :frowning:

I assume that many people can visit Vendor’s website or contact him and get up-to-date information.


Thanks for your replies but we won’t buy another Add-On for the remaining time before migration.