How to get create issue meta from Java API?

Does anyone know how I can get create issue metadata from the Java API?

I have a project id, issue type id, and an application user and I would like to get all the fields that render on the create issue screen via Java API.

I will dive into the REST API code to see how it’s done there… but if anyone has done this before and can give some points that would be helpful.


After the first round of research and playing with the API for a bit it looks like there is no easy solution to this. There is no general abstraction that e.g. would give you allowed field values for select fields or a default value for a field.

Unfortunately, the REST API code looks rather convoluted and I got stuck when trying to get a set of allowed values for select fields such as components (implementation is private).

It seems the only solution is to handle issue fields one-by-one and for each of them refer to the REST API implementation.