How to get data on other installed apps as a connect app?

I am writing a connect app for Jira cloud. It should fetch and display some data on other apps/plugins that are installed in the host instance to the user. I have found the plugins API (believe it’s called the UPM) which is /rest/plugins/1.0/ and gives exactly the data I want (I really just want a count of installed apps and ideally their names). However it cannot be accessed by connect apps.

Is there another way for apps to get info on what other apps are installed? Or is there some workaround for accessing the above API?
Maybe using an actual user to authenticate requests sent from my app server would work but that seems extremely hacky and I don’t know if an app could create a user and an API token programatically.


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Hi @DominicCousins,

We don’t provide an API allowing apps to retrieve information about all the apps installed in a specific tenant.


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I created a post describing our hacky workaround solution to this problem How to detect what other apps are installed on the same Jira (or Confluence) Cloud site
As well as suggested that we would prefer to have a REST API for that.

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