How to get default field screen through API

Hi All,
My addon is adding some custom fields to the user’s cloud environment and later on populate their values when opening issue.
So far I added all the fields to the default field screen using the API:
POST /rest/api/3/screens/addToDefault/{fieldId}
It worked for most cases.
However, I found out some users change their default issue screen to be different than the default screen (id 1) , in this case, I would like to get the screen of the user’s default screen and add it the relevant fields.

Basically, I would like to get the id MyScreen in this case, since it’s the default for all issue operations and add to it the relevant fields.

There is an API to get screen schemes that should help to find out the ID of the default screen.
However, you should keep in mind that the assumption the screen scheme with ID=1 is a default one can be false, as the Default Screen Scheme can be deleted like any other screen scheme.