How to get different types of comment using v.1 Search endpoint?

Version 2 of Confluence REST API has now separated the comment resource into footer comment and inline comment.

With v.1 we were able to get updated comments by running the following CQL in search endpoint:
type=‘comment’ and lastUpdated > {date}

Now that comment resource is separated into inline_comment and footer_comment, how would we get the same data using Search endpoint?

Can we do type=‘inline_comment’ or type=‘footer_comment’?

Side Note: As of now the only option we have is to use the “Get footer comments” and “Get inline comments” endpoint

Hi @Parth

Atlassian has said that they’re no longer monitoring this forum for REST API v.2 gaps and that you should file a bug to get the item added to the queue using the following procedure: RFC-19: Deprecation of Confluence Cloud REST API v1 Endpoints - #25 by AshishShirode

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