How to get historic issues for board

Hello, everyone! I need some help regarding the issue for board. I’m working in a production environment and bringing all the issues linked to a certain board id. However, when comparing with the previous information that was loaded by the Hevo Data software, I get a much smaller amount. I would like to bring a complete history of all the movements of an issue within boards. Is it possible to bring everything?

Here is the endpoint I am using:{boardId}/issue

Hello @GuilhermePaulela

Boards are just transient portals for viewing groups of issues via a filter, so any single issue can be ‘linked’ to many boards simultaneously.

The issues themselves have no knowledge or record of which boards are or have been viewing them, and there is no residual ‘history’ of those relationships; as soon as a board ceases to exist, or the filter changes such that the issue is no longer ‘linked’ with that board, the relationship ceases to exist.