How to get installation URL of 3LO app?

How can I install a 3LO app so that others in my company can use it? When I look at the “distribute” page on, I see the image below, which says making it public will let me distribute the installation URL to people outside my company. This leads me to believe that people IN my company should already be able to do this. How do I get and use this so-called “installation url”?

Hi @AndrewTarr

Unfortunately that description is a bit misleading. While the app is private, the app is only installable by you, the developer of the app. I’ve logged an internal bug with our team to clarify this in the UI, since I agree that it implies that others in your company can also install your private app(s).

To enable the app to be installable by other users, even those within your own site or organization, you need to apply to make the app public, which is done via the Developer Service Desk hyperlinked below your screenshot on this screen. Once approved, the app can be installed by anyone with the installation link.

The installation link can be found by clicking on the OAuth 2.0 (3LO) section of the APIs and Feature section in the left sidebar.

Hope this helps!

Thank you. That’s very helpful.