How to get JSD customer email via REST API

I’m working on a cloud connect add-on that displays a panel to an agent with short information about the customer such as if all of his invoices are paid.
Goal is to provide customer support service only to customers that have all invoices paid.

State of the invoices I lookup in external system using customer email address as a key.
Problem is that I’m unable to obtain JSD issue reporter’s email via REST API.
Email is displaying fine in list of customers when I’m using Atlassian html website but responses from REST API /rest/api/3/user?accountId={reporterAccountId} do not return email address most likely due to GDPR or similar restriction.

How should I resolve this? Is it somehow possible turn on globally returning email address of a user via REST API? Customers are sending us requests via email. It is nonsense to hide emails in REST API.

What are the other ways to resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance for any hint.

Hi Karel,

There has been an announcement here how to get access:


While I don’t know how to get one, this works to get them all:

Oh, and you can pass in a name or email with the query parameter.

neat trick. thank you