How to get list of all epics in the given project?

The easiest way would be to do jql search “project = ABC AND issuetype = Epic” however it fails if the issue type is renamed (as it is for one of our customers).

Any other ideas?

Have you tried using the issuetype id instead of the name?

Like this:

project = ABC AND issuetype = 10004 

That should work even if it’s renamed.

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Numeric issuetype is also non-standard, in this particular case id is 10000.

Any other ideas?

I’m afraid I’m all out of ideas.

Unless you can let the user select which issuetype represents the Epics in their project on your app setting page?

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worked for me. thanks.

Instead of


project = ABC AND issuetype = "Epic"

or whatever the name of the issue type you are searching for.

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