How to get macroId for API api/content-getMacroBodyByMacroId

Hi guys,
I’d like to get the content of the target macro by this API: api/content-getMacroBodyByMacroId, but do not know how to get macroId

I search macroId on confluence REST API page, but there are any useful informations.

I tried to search macroId from the source code of the target page in browser, get macroId=1679323536094_-1503042662

but get 404 http error

{"statusCode":404,"data":{"authorized":false,"valid":true,"allowedInReadOnlyMode":true,"errors":[],"successful":false},"message":"No macro found on content id : ContentId{id=2627177937} with version: 44 and macroId: 1679323536094_-1503042662","reason":"Not Found"}

Anyone can help with it or get me more suggestions, big thanks.