How to get more than 100 commits using SvnChangeDetector.collectChangesSinceRevision()

I’m developing a plugin that scans / searches a Svn repository.
To get all the buildChanges (collection of commits), you can execute SvnChangeDetector.collectChangesSinceRevision()

However, looking at the source code of this method, it maxes out at 100 commits. It doesn’t go back further than that. In my case, I need to go back further than that.

I tried to extend the SvnChangeDetector class, but there are properties in the super class AbstactSvnExecutor that I can’t get to, which are needed to make this work.

The max of 100 is eventually defined in the interface SvnConfigurationConstants
I don’t think I can access those constants. since constants defined in an interface are static final.

How can I go back more than 100 commits?