How to get of another user's worklogs between a start and end date

I created a gui with python. Usual things you execute gui , login and your session has been created.
Actually i have two questions , i hope someone can help me

First, i can get to worklogs of issues of user that have been logged but i want to get another user’s worklogs and not just that i want to do that between a start and end date. I mean i am X user and i logged to gui.I want to get Y user’s worklog between 02.03.2020-06.03.2020 dates.

Two, i want to show worklogs of user that logged to gui. Ex. i logged to gui. I click to ‘This Week Worklogs’ and wanna show worklogs timespent for each issues in this window. The question is still how can i get the worklogs in a time period.

I searched on this doc. but i could not find my answers… Maybe i missed it can you guys help me please ?