How to get project default assignee from Jira rest api?

Despite being documented as available, the assigneeType field is never returned from the api.

Hi @AbbyMarieFlood. Welcome to the developer community!

Which API method are you currently trying to use? There is the GET Project method:

In the response, you’ll find an assigneeType key, and the value will either be UNASSIGNED or PROJECT_LEAD. Additionally, there is a lead object in the response, which contains an accountId and displayName.

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Hi @nmansilla , I agree that it works with .
But as @AbbyMarieFlood told, if you use you won’t get any value for assigneeType, despite what is written in the documentation. I have tried to add all the expand values available, unsuccessfully. So it may be a bug on this endpoint (or in the doc!).
By the way, it’s a pity that in the Atlassian documentation, it is not clear what fields will be displayed or not, depending on the expand parameter. Most of the time you just need to make tries to know how the API will behave.