How to get project name or project id with received webhook data

I am getting webhook requests after registering jira webhook, need project name & project id from webhook request data to do my further functionality, please suggest how to get project name from this mentioned below data,

issue: {
    id: '10115',
    self: '',
    key: 'SI-103',
    fields: {
      statuscategorychangedate: '2023-05-23T16:01:23.265+0530',
      issuetype: [Object],
      timespent: null,
      customfield_10030: null,
      project: [Object],
      fixVersions: [],
      aggregatetimespent: null,
      resolution: null,
      customfield_10027: null,
      customfield_10028: null,
      customfield_10029: null,
      resolutiondate: null,
      workratio: -1,
      lastViewed: null,
      issuerestriction: [Object],
      watches: [Object],
      created: '2023-05-23T16:01:22.981+0530',
      customfield_10020: null,
      customfield_10021: null,
      customfield_10022: null,
      priority: [Object],
      customfield_10023: null,
      customfield_10024: null,
      customfield_10025: null,
      labels: [],
      customfield_10026: null,
      customfield_10016: null,
assignee: null,
      updated: '2023-05-23T16:01:22.981+0530',
      status: [Object],
      components: [],
      timeoriginalestimate: null,
      description: null,
      customfield_10010: null,
      customfield_10014: null,
      timetracking: {},
      customfield_10015: null,
      customfield_10005: null,
      customfield_10006: null,
      customfield_10007: null,
      security: null,
      customfield_10008: null,
      customfield_10009: null,
      attachment: [],
      aggregatetimeestimate: null,
      summary: 'test123',
      creator: [Object],
      subtasks: [],
      reporter: [Object],
      aggregateprogress: [Object],
      customfield_10001: null,
      customfield_10002: null,
      customfield_10003: null,
      customfield_10004: null,
      environment: null,
      duedate: null,
      progress: [Object],
      votes: [Object]



On line 10 of your data, there is a project object. Could you explain more about the context and the problem you are having?