How to get recently updated pipelines

We collect pipelines and want to keep the content up to date. Ideally we would like to get list of pipelines that were updated since a specific moment. Or at least we’d want to be able to sort by the updated_on field. Then with paginated API we would pull first pages of fresh pipelines and stop pulling the rest of the pages which contain old pipelines.

The API lets us to sort by created_on but we need updated_on, which are not provided. The field even is not presented the response body. Even now, when we have to download everything each time, we need updated_on fields in response just to know which pipelines are old and which of them were updated. Unfortunately the response doesn’t contain this field.

So if I convert this to questions then they are following:

  1. Why does the API return created_on but to not return updated_on . Does updated_on exist but have another name?
  2. How can we know date/time when a pipeline was updated?
  3. How can we get pipelines which were updated since a specific date. Does such a way exist?

The API I was talking about REST - Atlassian Documentation

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