How to get rid of this error{<Component-import> cannot be used when atlassian plugin key is set}?

I am following the below tutorial to implement plugin to run the background job, but it seems that the following tutorial is outdated because the error im getting is that i cannot use the and when the atlassian plugin Key is set. can you people assist me in accomplishing my task to achieve implementing the background job.

That tutorial is using the old <component-import and <component on things. Your project is more than likely using a project generated from the sdk which would be using spring-scanner. With Spring Scanner you’d annotate each class with @Component that you want use as a component and any imports - you’d do @ComponentImport in the class.

Now the bad news - PluginScheduler is deprecated. The replacement is the atlassian-scheduler. Take a look at How to use the Atlassian Scheduler