How to get site details authorized by a user during OAuth 2.0 3LO authorization step?

I have created the OAuth 2.0 3LO app in the developer console and have completed the necessary setups that are required to get an access token.
So, Now when I try to get an access token I get the authorization screen by JIRA as below:

In that the user have multiple sites in dropdown and the user need to select one site which he/she want to authorize.
After click on accept button I get the access token.
This access token didn’t have any details regarding the site that was authorized.
And also we get multiple sites if we call API to get accessible-resources using accessible-resources.
We need cloudid to construct URL to get details like list of boards, list of projects etc.
So, How can we get authorized site/cloud id details?

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Running into the same problem as described here, Can someone please suggest what is the best solution here ?

I’m also running into this problem

My team could barely believe me when I told them there was no way for our integration to tell which site was selected when permission was granted… it defies logic. The least they could do is present the response of accessible-resources sorted in order of most recent authorization, so I could always pick the first element of the array :weary:

To be clear, there is no current answer to this problem, except to ask the user again which site they picked.

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