How to get the default language in Confluence Cloud

Hello there,

I am a starter with confluence cloud add-ons and atlassian-connect apps. For now I am developing a blueprint module and cannot find any information how to retrieve the default language of confluence. For my blueprints I don’t need the language of the user, I need the language of the host app. In this case confluence.

Is this possible and how can I get this?

Thanks in advance

You can use the getLocale to find the language of the user User

I don‘t need the user locale but the confluence default locale. And during the blueprint request there aren‘t any information about the user available.

So if I understand correctly you need the Global Default Language of Confluence. If so then the Rest API might be of use for your case. Have a look at
It returns a defaultLocale property which should contain the default language set by the administrator for the host system.

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Yes tats clear. And it’s not a problem in normal scenarios. But during the request for blueprints no context information will submitted. No clientKey, no parameters, nothing. So I cannot do a rest call due to missing auth Informationen.

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