How to get the DOM in forge

I have a demand is use watermark in confluence
like this:

i want to know how to use macro to get DOM or give me API to get the DOM node
who can gave me some idea thank you ~~~

Hi @111112 ,

There’s no API allowing you to get DOM elements and this is not the kind of API we’d be supporting. Instead, we’d offer API’s that have a higher level of abstraction since they are easier to support and trust. For example, setContentWatermark(message), but I think even this would likely not be provided/prioritised since we’d have to be convinced that there are valuable use cases.



thank you and could you please give me a link i cant find it

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Hi @111112 , there’s no link to provide you as there is no API. The example method I provided does not exist, nor do I think it will. I was just trying to explain how our APIs would always be at a higher level of abstraction than giving direct access to DOM elements.

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so i think you should provide a API to resolve problems like this.
like custom API