How to get the introduction text on portals JSM cloud with REST API

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to get the introduction text on portals in Jira Service Management cloud using REST API,
or maybe there is another workaround? I get the Portals Id’s and names but I also need to get the introduction text for the purposes of my app.

Which project template are you using? I tried creating a Service Management project, but I do not have a “Introduction text” field in project details.

Have you tried the Get Project API ( and see what properties are in there?

@KCWong I use IT Service Management project template, so it is a Service Project.
I also tried the mentioned REST API, but unfortunately in the results there is no that property.
Here is how the project looks like in JSM. So I need to get the description part marked with red.

Aha, so that’s in the portal settings.

Strangely, while there are Portal-related APIs to Server/Data Center (JIRA Service Management 4.15.0), I cannot find a matching one for Cloud (

There is a /servicedesk/{id} API, but it literally returns nothing of interest. Just the name, key and ID.

Thank you @KCWong for the response, that was my point also. I could not find a way to fetch the introduction text from portals on cloud. If there is workaround or maybe something that I have missed please share it.

Well, a dirty hack would be to visit the portal from the link provided by Get Portal REST API, and parse the introduction text out of it.

The class naming is… very interesting though.

… which translates to:
$('span[id="root"] main div header span+div+div p')[0].innerText

Not sure how well that holds up for different cases though… probably not well enough.