How to get the Issue types, Projects, Issues which got created / updated after a specific date using JIRA cloud REST API?

Problem Description:
We are working on a JIRA data backup / snapshot solution. We need to get the Issue Types, Projects, Issues which got created / updated after the previous backup / snapshot date. So that we can only get the latest changes.

Possible Solution:
One approach would be, download all the data and compare it against the existing data. But it’s a costly operation. All the time we need to download the same data again and again. In this approach lots of resources will be wasted.

Is there any option available in the JIRA API’s which supports the our requirement? Our expectation is similar like sync token / delta token / change key which is available in Microsoft’s Graph API & Google API’s

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You can get all the issues, projects from Jira APIs, and can just filter out creation dates of which are greater than your query date.