How to get the unicode equivalent of the emoticons coming back from the api?

I am calling the REST API retrieving a document from Confluence. The document includes ‘check’ emoticon/emojis. The API returns this below for that. I assume the ‘ac’ tag is a Confluence tag. Is there anyway to have the API return the unicode equivalent of the emoji or another equivalent a browser can read? Thanks.

<ac:emoticon ac:name=“blue-star” ac:emoji-shortname=":white_check_mark:" ac:emoji-id=“2705” ac:emoji-fallback=“:white_check_mark:” />

And here is a sample API call I am doing: https://…/wiki/rest/api/content?type=page&id=1536786770&

Hello @rnunez , and welcome to the Developer Community,

In short, no, because the information about emojis isn’t stored inside Confluence in unicode format, they are stored in a format that is unique to Atlassian Document Format, so that format’s data is all that the REST API can report to you.

You will have to create a separate table that contains the data that correlates each emoji’s ID or shortname to their unicode equivalent, if any, then use that table to do the lookup and transliteration yourself, in your code.


Thank you.

Sorry if this is a little off topic, but then is there a way from the API to get the Confluence PDF format of a document? I know there is a way in the Confluence cloud web page by clicking Export > ‘Export to PDF’ and that gets the emojis onto the PDF but can it be done from an API call?

In short, no. Refer to the Confluence REST API reference page, which describes everything the API can do.

Do a Google search for “Confluence REST API export PDF” for discussions of other methods that can be used as a workaround.