How to get the value(s) of custom field(s): name_12345

I’m new here and new in working with JIRA JQL.

I saw that there exists a description on the 1st page concerning how to read custom fields but I don’t understand this.
I saw a custom field on the home page behind the JIRA board - e. g. name_12345. How can I read/get the values behind this custom field.

Who can help me or who knows a good book. Thanks.


Are you looking to see how to see all of the set values or how a custom field is configured? Also, in which scope - are you looking from an end user or from a developer’s perspective (we are mostly developers in here - there might be a better answer if you ask over at the user community at ). But I’ll try to answer for both.

Custom Field Values are usually set on the issue itself, so if you’re after a list of all of the set values - the easiest would be to go to the Issue Navigator and just do a search without restricitng on the field. Then export that into Excel - at that point you have all of the values that are set and that would return something.

If you’re looking for the possible values - that depends on each custom field but you should be able to go to [your base url]/rest/api/2/jql/autocompletedata/suggestions?fieldName=[field-name] (replace your base url with your jira’s url and field-name with the name of the field). That should return all of the possible values that you could search for in a json blob.

Now if you’re looking how to do this through java in an app - let me know and I can walk through that with you as well (or you can look in the source for the autocomplete end point ).

Hope that helps.

Like Daniel, I’m unsure about the context for your question. I’ll just add these comments:

You can refer to a custom field in a call to /rest/api/2/search.

To refer to a custom field in the jql query parameter, use this format: cf[99999], where 99999 is the ID of the custom field. Alternatively, you can simply use the name of the custom field (e.g. MyField, or "My Field" if it includes spaces), but that has the disadvantage of ambiguity if you have several custom fields with the same name.

To refer to the custom field in the fields query string parameter, format it like this: customfield_99999.