How to handle API rate limit in forge app

Hello Community!!,
I am currently working on developing jira cloud integration using FORGE which will get data from third party API and create Issues in jira based on those data.
The question is that, I am getting thousands of data and for all those data I need to create thousands of Issues in jira. For that I am dividing the data into small parts and pushing into Queues (Async events API) but the problem here is that all queues will run concurrently and make all the API calls at same time because of which I am getting 429 and 503 errors in response. I also tried retry mechanism but still for some data I am getting error even after retrying 4 times.
I know that there is bulk create issues API available but as I need to keep track of which Issue is created for which data, I can not use Bulk create API.
Is there any other way I can handle this without getting any error?

In order to reduce the load on the Jira rate limits would the delayInSeconds help you?