How to handle forge app version while publishing to marketplace

I am trying to publish my app onto the marketplace and I have to set the version for my app to 1.0.0 but when I log in to atlassain marketplace and go to manage vendor apps section, my app is visible with version 1.1.0.

How can I ensure it to get as 1.0.0.

I have developed the whole app and it’s in repo. Even I do the whole process from scratch with forge create(just to get appid) and then the deploy command in my app’s folder, it gives version as 1.2.0.

Also, when I view the same app in developer console, the version is 2.1.0.

Can someone please guide?


Would you be able to message me the app in question so the right teams can check?

Hi @MehulPateliya -

Unfortunately you cannot directly control the version number of the Forge app. The version number is managed internally and incremented automatically when changes to your app are deployed. Doing things like adding/removing modules from your app, changing the API scopes requested and even enabling/disabling licensing for your app will all trigger changes to the version number.

Even going through the creation of a brand new app via the forge create command will result in the app version being something like 1.2.0 because during your first deploy of the app, the app will go through a few transformations that increment the version number.

I understand that this is a bit confusing! I hope we can simplify this behaviour in the future.