How to handle Rate limit and storage data properly?


We are creating a Forge plugin and we want to store all kinds of data about each user using the Storage API. How should we store this data? Currently we store and manage each user under a separate key. ( user1: { … }, user2: { … } ) But this way we quickly reached a point with a sufficiently large number of users where we hit the forge bridge request limit. ( 20 requests / 2s).

What is the best practice for such a case, where we want to save/manage/store all users in the plugin in the JIRA instance?
If we have all users under one key ( users: { user1: { … }, user2: { … } }) then the number of requests will be reduced, but the request will have much more data traveling.

Is it worth using the Async Event API? Would that solve the problem that I want to save all users in an instance at once under a separate storage key?