How to have the report link in the report sidebar?

Hi, I have a problem with my App on Jira cloud. I have a JiraReport configured like that:

"jiraReports": [
"key": "hiptest-traceability-matrix",
"url": "/jira_report?projectKey={project.key}",
"weight": 100,
"description": {
"value": "Show the correspondence between issues and tests"
"reportCategory": "agile",
"thumbnailUrl": "/assets/appli-navbar-logo.svg",
"name": {
"value": "Hiptest traceability matrix"

It appears on the “All reports” page, but not in the reports right list.

How it is possible to put it in the reports right list?

Moreover, when I select the report, this report right list disappears and is replaced by the general Jira menu. It happens only for my App report, is there exist a particular configuration to obtain the same behavior than the other reports?

Thank you

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Please refer to following link for adding menu in project sidebar,

You have to use jiraProjectPages module to add menu.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Aakash, but I don’t want add the link to report in the project sidebar, I would like to add it in report sidebar.