How to hidden projects from customer portal for specified groups or customers


We want to let some projects NOT able to be accessed from customer portal for their customers, and let some projects only can be accessed from customer portal for parts of their customers.
For example:
We have 3 projects X, Y, Z.
A, B and C are the customers for these 3 projects.
Now A, B, C can access these 3 projects from customer portal.

But our expect result as following:
Project X is not able to be accessed by all customers.
Project Y is only can be accessed by customer A, customer B and C are not able to access it from customer portal.
Project Z can be accessed by all customers.

How can I do it in JIRA Service Desk?
Now I only can add javascript to the help center/customer portal page, but I can’t control the data.


Hi Erik,

If you don’t mind trying an app for this, then project and request type access can be set up easier with Extension for Jira Service Desk. I actually work for Deviniti who are the author of the app, so feel free to drop me a line in case of any questions.