How to hide top menu items in Jira


We are enabling our Jira instance on internet for access by our partners and customers.

To make it secure we have made separate license group and project roles etc. for them to ensure that only selective data is shared to them.

Unfortunately, the top menu items like Boards are still available to them. and, if they click on Board-View boards, they can see the list of all the boards which are shared to all users. Ofcourse, they cannot go inside the boards as they dont have access to the projects but they can still see subjective information about the boards as who is the owner and names of the boards.
We cannot change sharing permissions of these boards as we do want all the internal employees to be able to see the boards.

My question is that is there any way to just hide the boards menu from the Top in Jira for a particular group. Or in other way only one particular group can see it.


Even if you hide the menu, the feature of the View All Boards would still be available.

I have a suggestion:

  1. Create two groups – One for your internal employees and one for your external customers.
  2. Share the board’s queries with the internal-employees-group only.

This would prevent any information leak at any level.

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