How to implement a middleware in Atlassian Forge for intercepting a request made to Jira Cloud

Hi Team,
We are currently working on creating an application via Forge in Jira cloud. We want to implement a middleware in between the request and response to modify the actual response. Is there any possible way for implementing this via Atlassian Forge in Jira Cloud.
The API that is being triggered while we try creating an issue from global screen is :

Please provide any suitable suggestions for this.

Apoorva Sharma

Hi @ApoorvaSharma,

This is not possible in Jira Cloud - unlike Jira Server, there is no functionality that would allow you to intercept a request to Jira and modify the HTTP request or response.

There may be other ways to try and implement the functionality you are after.

Hi @HeyJoe,

Thanks for your reply.
You mentioned that there might be other ways of implementation. We have been working on creating a application that would allow us to modify the response being fetched from that particular Jira API.
Your suggestions regarding the possible ways of implementations would be of great use for us.

Apoorva Sharma