How to implement the authorization using OAuth 1.0

I’m trying to integrate trelloapi with asp .net app, I followed the instruction mentioned in the following link Authorization and I got my access token successfully, but the token was as a fragment in the return_url (expl: http ://localhost:8080/GetToken**#token=…), and in my case I would like to have the token as param (which means ? and not #) in the url (http ://localhost:8080/GetToken**?token=…) server-side app.

After some research I found that the trelloApi uses implicit flow to authorize the user, that’s why the token is as a fragment and to get it as param, I need to use the authorization code flow where the OAuth is needed.

The problem is I didn’t find documentations or examples that helps me to implement the authorization flow which means implementing OAuth. I checked Glitch project and I implemented it in c# but it doesn’t work, it shows message error “OAuth consumer did not supply its key”, and when I added “oauth_consumer_key” as param, I got an other error message “Invalid Signature”.

Please I need help in these 2 points:

1- How can I get the access token as param in the url.

2- I need more details about how to implement OAuth (except those 3 urls provided in Authorization).

Thank you in advance.