How to import tasks from 1st things 1st?

Hello all! I am new here and would like to get some guidance.

I have developed a strategic prioritizer 1st things 1st used to sort out tasks (or other things) by multiple criteria.

I would like to add a feature allowing users to export those tasks into a new Trello board and three trello lists:

  • To do,
  • To consider, and
  • To skip

Also I would create two (or more) empty lists like:

  • Doing
  • Done

Ideally, I would like to have an Export to Trello button at my tool, which then lead the user through a wizard with Atlassian login and some optional choices for the board settings.

Would it be possible to do that from my tool, or would I necessarily need a Power-up interface at Trello and would need to fetch the prioritized things from my tool instead?

Can you point me to the essential parts of the documentation that I should check to implement this feature?

To add a button to the card back, you’d need to make use of a Power-Up. Power-Ups are the only officially supported way of adding UI/UX to Trello. You can read more about building Power-Ups here:

To create things in Trello (boards, cards, lists, etc.), you will need to make use of the REST API. You can read about getting started with the API here:

OK. Thank you. I’ll have it in mind.