How to install a license token or license via upm manager /rest/plugins/1.0/{{cloudPluginKey}}-key/license

I could install the app with

POST {{cloudBaseUrl}}/rest/plugins/1.0?token=...

For licensing I tried to use

PUT {{cloudBaseUrl}}/rest/plugins/1.0/{{cloudPluginKey}}-key/license

and POST, but I keep on getting “405 Method not allowed”. Is there any documentation on this, or should this not be used?,

These are some old REST APIs and I’m not sure if they all work as documented. Moreover, what documentation exists is piecemeal:

On that 2nd page with might have the clue with, “Using sysadmin credentials”, which is meant to mean basic auth with username and password (not API token).

Hi Michael,

I have written a UPM Client in Java for Cloud - you can have a look there (or use it). This has code to install license tokens
Hope that helps, Chris

The POST/PUT part is not too explicit there …

Funny enough I found a npm package, that does it quite well, written by someone of our company … :slight_smile: And it works with this.


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Thanks @christopher, we answered litereally in the same minute :wink: I’ll look into it.

If you are interested in doing this via your command line, you could also use my cli for this:

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