How to install a plugin for internal use without placing in marketplace?

I developed an atlassian springboot plugin and I want to deploy in my production instance. I do not want to place my app in marketplace then how to do this? The option that I found is private listings but for private listings instance should be development mode. My instance is in production mode. Please help.

Are you talking about Jira instance being in dev/prod mode? I believe that it just lets you install non marketplace add-ons (including private), nothing else, is that a huge deal for you?
Another approach is to make it public and restrict all calls just for your instance, but i think marketplace team won’t allow such add-on publicly availabel

Yes, I am talking about Jira instance being in dev/prod mode. My question is can I install an addon in prod mode and that addon is not from marketplace?

You can “list” an app on the marketplace and make it private. Then you can use the marketplace’s url to install it.