How to install private marketplace Forge app?

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I published a Forge app to the marketplace with a visibility of private, and I am unable to install that app in my Jira Cloud instance. The Installation tab of the listing says to search for the app from within Jira, but it’s a private listing so it doesn’t show up in the search. The listing also has a Get it now button, but clicking it redirects to a 404 (I believe it’s assuming the app is a Connect app, despite setting it up from a Forge app).

I’m aware Forge apps can be shared privately using an installation link (which I have done), but that’s not how I want to install the app now.

Is there a way to install a private marketplace Forge app? If not, what is the purpose of allowing a Forge app to be listed privately?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @AnastasiaVanRiet !

The flow that you mentioned in para 1 is the existing mechanism for all Forge private app listings. Private listing will help to check if all the details you entered for the app look like how you want it to be before publishing it to marketplace. You can consider it as a preview before going live to the marketplace.

Hi @ChandanaMeka, thank you for your reply. Am I understanding correctly that there is no way to install a private Forge app from the marketplace (that you listed yourself and have access to)?

Hi @AnastasiaVanRiet. Yes, there is no way to install a private forge app from marketplace. The purpose of private listing is as mentioned above. As Atlassian, we encourage public marketplace listing installation and for niche use cases or testing purposes distribution links can be used.

May I know why you would like to install a private Forge app listing from Marketplace though there is distribution link option ?

Hi @ChandanaMeka, appreciate the insight, thanks. The reason I want to install from a private listing and not a distribution link is because our plugin requires a certain level of setup in Jira that we would have to do again when moving from the distribution link install to the marketplace install. Had we been able to install from the private listing (to test first), we would only have needed to do this setup once.

For further feedback, it’s worth mentioning as well that when you go to publish a Forge app, the information provided by Atlassian on the page explaining the difference between a private listing and a public listing is not applicable to Forge. It led us to believe a private Forge app listing would work the same as a private Connect app listing. The private Forge app listing’s Get it now button 404ing because it’s expecting a Connect app is also troublesome.

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Hey @AnastasiaVanRiet ! Thank you so much for the feedback. Appreciate it, we will work on the documentation improvements and improving the product flow.

I have created a Forge suggestion ticket on the same - [FRGE-1313] - Ecosystem Jira for tracking purpose

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