How to integrate 3js framework with Forge application

I am trying to integrate the 3js application with the forge application to build an interactive game session using a custom UI kit and jira: global page module. But the permission feature in the forge is denying access to view and render the 3js application inside the forge application. Most of the errors are 403, denying access to the 3js Object that are required for rendering. Is there a simpler way to do this?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Error sample :
react-reconciler.production.min.js:98 Error: Could not load /s2wt_kamdo_industrial_divinities-transformed.glb: fetch for “” responded with 403: )
at index-27a1523b.esm.js:1678:36
at Object.o [as onError] (GLTFLoader.js:67:9)
at three.module.js:40477:39

Hi @ArjunRaj
Any external requests made by your application can be given access by adding the endpoint to the permissions section of the manifest. If you know the endpoint where the objects are being fetched from you can add them like so:

        - '*'

More information here:

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