How to integrate with Automation for Jira Cloud


Just noticed it’s possible to integrate apps with Automation for Jira Cloud. Is there any public documentation about how to do it?

Paulo Alves.


That is a very good question. I’m also interested how Tempo and other did it.

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These are currently created by the Automation team in partnership with specific vendors—although they are considering expanding this program in the future. I’ve raised this ticket with them internally, you should hopefully get a response soon.


Thanks @huw. I’m looking forward to their answer.

Our app integrates with Automation for Jira Cloud pretty well through custom fields but we are open to expand the integration if possible.
Also, it could be great to list our app as compatible so more users can discover it.


Hey folks. Just heard back from Automation—that section in the website is a mistake. There aren’t currently any third-party vendor integrations available on Cloud (non-Marketplace apps are the exception here), so this isn’t possible.

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Are there any plans to support integrations with apps from the Marketplace on Automation?

Thank you.