How to load an app for development from OBR file instead of JAR file

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I am trying to create an app which depends on another app using OBR packaging. The problem I am having right now is that when I use atlas-debug to launch the app withing Confluence, it always uses the JAR file and there is no way to specify that I want to use the OBR file. Once I use QuickReload it seems that the OBR file is used but I would like to avoid that extra step.


You have to declare the plugins you depend on as pluginArtifacts


With quickreload you are way faster - especially if you also change the plugins you depend on.

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Thanks @christoffer ,

Just with that I don’t even get the jar inside the obr file. I am going to prepare a sample app and upload it to a public repo and ask again because the question is too broad.


We use that approach in our CI and it works - but the plugins we are depending on are jars, not obrs.
I would expect that it will not work for obrs directly, but that you can ‘unwind’ the contents of the obr - i.e. instead of the trying to install the obr automatically you install all the jar plugins contained in the obr.

Hi @christoffer ,

I have created a new topic which describes my problem more accurately and with some code that shows the problem: Unable to install companion app from OBR file

Thank you very much for you help!